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4.2. Adding Mailing Addresses to the Database / Program

 To enter addresses, first we need to open the Addresses Database Screen. Click on the Addresses button or select Edit from the menu and then select Edit Mailing addresses.  You can also press the F2 key at the main screen, this will also open the Address Database Screen.


T on enter a new Address into the database, follow these simple steps.  See the graphic example below.

 1. Click on the + button to add a new address.

 2. Enter the Mailing Address information in the Address field. You can also enter a name or description in the Sort Field which will help keep your list organize.   If your Address requires to be an "Attn To" enter that information in the Attn" Field.  Select a Group if you would like the Address to be included in a group such as "work" or "family" etc.

3. When you are finished click the Check Button to save the new Address or to save the changes made to an Address.  Repeat these steps for each Mailing address you wish to add to the database.

   After all the Addresses you wish to add to the Address Database are entered, simply click on the close button at the bottom of this window.   You can edit these Addresses, add new ones or delete Addresses at anytime.

<-----Address Database Screen.


Star Envelope Printer Pro Also lets you saves Addresses from the main screen, after you have entered the Mailing Address information in the Mailing address Field....

Key in an address into the Mailing Address field displayed on the main screen, then click on the icon that is displayed directly to the left of the field. This icon will only display if the mailing address field contains data. If you choose this option, the data that has been entered into this field will automatically be loaded into the Address Database screen fields.

Now that we have the Address Database screen, here is a rundown of the important features of this screen. Here is a list of the field names that are displayed along with a short description of those fields.

Jump to: This field is used to jump to a matching name in the displayed grid. This is used for easy selection of an address.
Select Groups: This field is used to select only addresses that have been defined as part of Group.
Address Grid: This grid displays all the records in the database. It is displayed alphabetically and is also selected by the Group field selection.
Sort Field: This field is only used to sort the record in the Address Grid. We use this so we can place records in an order that makes sense to us. Such as - Smith, John, instead of John Smith. This allows for the record to be displayed in the "S" area of the grid instead of the "J" area.
Address: This is the actual Mailing address that will be sent to the envelope. It contains the Name, Address, City, State, Zip, etc. You can use up to 5 lines for the address field.
Attn: This is a field that will print next to the Attn: area of the envelope. Only use this if you want to have an attention printed on the envelope.

See Also: 3.8. How do I remove the Attn: from printing

Group: This is a Group selection field. Use this if you want to assign an address to a group. This is used for sorting along with the batch printing feature.

To Delete a record on this screen, you can click on the "-' minus sign displayed below the grid, or above the Sort field. This will cause the record to be deleted from the database.

The other icons are used to navigate through the database if you do not want to use the grid slide bar.

When you are done on this screen, you can click on the "Load" button to select the selected record to be placed on the main screen to be used for printing an envelope.

If you click on the "Close" button, you will just go back to the main screen and nothing will be selected.


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