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2.6. Upgrading

After the software has been installed, you can periodically check to see it there are any updates available. To do this, run the software, click on the Help menu from the main screen, then click on Check for Updates.

If your computer is connected to the Internet, then it will check with the StarreSoft website for any updates that might be available.

If any are found, you will then be prompted whether or not you would like to download and install the updates/upgrades to your computer.

If you choose to upgrade/update, be sure to Backup your database just to always be on the safe side.  

Please keep in mind that Upgrading the software to the latest version may not be free. Check to see if you are eligible before installing.  The upgrade cost if not elligible for a free upgrade is $17.95. 

To check to see what version you have on your machine, run the software, click on the Help menu, then click on About... This will tell you the version you are currently running.

If you wish, you can always just check our website at and the latest version will be listed on the main screen.

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