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4.2. Payee Screen

To add a new Payee: Click New  
Enter the Payee information in the fields at the bottom of this screen.


Payee:  Enter the name of the Payee in this field, who is the check payable to.

Printed Payee Name - If Different:   This field is optional; Information entered in this field will be printed on your check as the Payee.  


When you are finished adding a new Payee you can click Close.  This will save your Payee to the list and close the Payees Screen.

 You can also click New.  This will save your current Payee information and allow you to input a new Payee record.


To select a Payee: Double click the Payee name from the list or you can select the name and click on the Select button.


To delete a Payee:  Left click on the Payee name in the list of Payees. Click on Edit and click Delete

To Edit a Payee: Simply click on the Payee from the list, and change the information in the fields at the bottom of the screen.

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