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5.3. How do I setup my printer to accept different sized envelopes

More than likely you have never setup your printer options in the program.
To correctly setup your printer to work correctly with this software you must
follow these instructions to setup your printer.

If you do not have the program running, then run the program.
Click on the Options Menu, then click on Printer Settings/Options.  This will
display the Printer Settings/Options screen.  This screen is used to setup the
printer(s) that you have access to.

The first area displayed is a grid that shows you the printers that
are setup in the system.  If you have not set anything up before,
you should have one called Default.  We will use this one to set
up with your printer connected to your system.

The first field displayed is called the Printer Name.  Now, this is not
associated with the actual printer installed on your system, it is just
name that was given to let you know which setup is for what printer.

The next area is a very important one.  This actually tells the program
how to load and print to the envelopes on your printer.  So be sure to
make sure this section is setup correctly.

Env. Direction: This is the Envelope Direction that describes to the
program which direction your Envelope is fed into your printer.  Now,
every printer on the market seems to be designed a little bit different,
so we could not assume which way it is fed.  Normally if using a Laser
Printer, they are Facing up, which means that the top face of the envelope
faces up, so you would select that option.  Most InkJet Printers, actually
feed the envelope upside down through the printer, so we added the
option - Inverted - Upside down/InkJet.  Select the option that suits your

Feeder Position: - This is the Feeder Position option that describes to the
program where the envelope feeder is located on your printer.  You have
a choice of either Left, Center, or Right.  just select where your printer
feeds the envelopes from.


Orientation: - This is the Orientation option that describes to the program
how the envelope printing is oriented on your printer.  Most print in Landscape
mode, but there are few out there that actually prints in a portrait mode.
Select the one that is correct for your own printer.


Feeder Type:  Here is a list of options that describe where the printer feeds
from.  It normally would be the Envelope Feeder, but if you printer does not
have an Envelope printer, then select the appropriate setting. 


If you do not have this area setup correctly, then more than likey you will
be having problems printing to the different sized envelopes. 

This system by default only uses these settings for envelopes other than
#10 size.

Just thought I would mention this in case you have printed to #10 envelopes
correctly before running into a problem on other sized envelopes.

If you have any questions, please view the Help text in the program, or check
our web site at

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