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1.1. Introduction

The Star Envelope Printer Pro program was written to create a simple way to create Envelopes on your printer.

These Envelopes will be printed on a Standard Laser, or Ink-Jet printers.

There are many features and options that allow you to customize the way this program is used and make it more suitable for you own Personal or Company needs.

Using this program will allow you or your firm to save time in the creation of your Envelopes.  You can create your full mailing database to easily select your addresses to print envelopes for.

Most of the features included in this system has been developed with the end-user in mind, as most of them have come from requests of our users. You can easily change the options to customize it more to your liking by using the different setup options in this program. It can handle up to 6.7 Trillion records, which for all purposes, should be able to handle your data requirements. There are Import/Export capabilities, along with a Data Backup feature to help control your data protection requirements. Read through this help file, as most of the features and functions are described within.  As a registered user, you are eligible to receive all upgrades and updates to this program for a period of 1 year (365 days). This is our policy for all of our products.

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