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6.1. What is the differences between the SaaS version and PRO version?

Here are the main differences between the SaaS version and the PRO version of BoxMinder.

SaaS Version:

We supply the notification account (email address) that is used to send the notifications out to your customers.
You are limited to 250 total notifications per day.
The cost is $90.00 per year.
If the service is not renewed each year, the account will be cancelled and will not function.

PRO Version:

You supply your own email address to use.
This makes it great for any responses from you customers as you receive them directly to your email account.
The PRO version using your own email account is only limited to what your ISP or email provider allows per day.  If using a Gmail account, the limit is 2000 per day for a paid G Suite account or 500 for a free version.  If using Office 365 the limit is 3600 per hour.  You would need to check with your ISP for information if using another account.
The cost is $199.00 to purchase the software. - One time fee.
There is a $90.00 per year fee (after the first year) for the Support/Upgrades/Updates license.  Which of course is optional.
Meaning the PRO version will still run without the Support/Upgrades/Updates license being renewed. 


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