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6.4. Sometimes it seems the customer is not getting notified.

If you suspect or the customer says they are not receiving notifications, here are a few things you can do to. First, you can try sending them a test message to their account. This you can do on the Mailbox maintenance screen. There is a button to do so on the right hand side of the screen. Or, you can send them a direct message by clicking on the button at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. If the customer does not get the notification, then you can check into this further. If sending a text message, be sure to ask the customer to verify the information you have for them in the system. Both the phone number and the service they use. Correct if necessary and try again.

If sending emails, then obviously check the email address for errors.
If the email address is correct, then there is the strong chance that the message is being sent to their spam folder or the email account is blocking the message thinking it is spam. Have the customer whitelist the email address of your account@boxminder.net if using the SaaS version, or your email address if using the Pro version.

If all else fails, send us a request and we can check to see if there are bounced records in the account server for this user. You can also change your settings so you can obtain the bounced and replies. Can I get any bounced replies 

If being sent to spam, you can also try changing the notification message that is sent off to the customers. You should edit message that is sent to include your store information or other informative text. To do this, it depends on the settings that you have in your system. If you are sending multiple notification types (where you select the message that is being sent, when you select the send option) then you would edit the information in the Notification Types Maintenance. If not using the multiple Notification types, then this would be under the System Setup, then Email setup screen.

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