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6.9. I noticed there was a price increase.

Unfortunately you are correct.  There was a significant price increase to the service back in 2016 up to $90.00 per year. This was needed to ensure the survival of this product and to fund and fuel further development.

While we really did not want to increase the yearly price, it was deemed necessary based on our cost increases.  As you may have noticed, we have spent numerous development hours to design/create new features and options to bring forward a product that not only functions well, but advances its usability to allow for more automated options to occur.  Such as automatically sending out notifications when the customers box is coming due, package notifications, and much, much more.  We have also added internal development to allow for future enhancements to take place.  We did this so that there should be no new price increases for a long time.

Since this product is only used in a niche market for mailbox rental stores, the costs to support and develop required us to increase the price. 

We have discussed this internally, along with some of the end customer who use the software. We came to the comclusion and feel this is a fair price for the customer along with us to keep things rolling along.  Actually, most of the customer we discussed this with thought the price should be much higher, but we opted to keep it in the affordable range.

Hopefully you understand and agree that for the price, this service cannot be beat.


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