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3.3. Load a Logo to Print on the Envelope

There are two options available to load a logo into the program to print on the envelope.

The first is to have a bitmap (.bmp) file of the logo you wish to print. To load the logo, just run the SEPP program, click on the Options menu, then Return Address option. This will display the different Return Address records that you have defined in the system. Select the one you wish to place a logo to print with.  Be sure to have the option - Print/Display Logo Image selected with a check mark. There will be a logo field that is displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You have to Right click on the logo field to display the logo load options. To load a logo, just click on Load. This will prompt you to load a logo file.  You can use any Bitmap file and it will be saved into the system for the selected Return Address and will print on the envelopes. If you would like to delete a logo, just follow the same selection, but select delete instead of load. 

The second option is to copy a logo/picture from a graphic program that is being viewed. You can normally just copy and paste a gif or jpeg image. Just open the picture in your favorite image program and Copy it.  Usually by pressing Ctrl-C, or if there is an Edit menu, click on it and then click on Copy.  Then just run the SEPP program, go to the Options menu, then click on Return Address Options. You can Right-Click on the Logo area and click Paste. This will load the  the picture for you.

The logo size should be in the area of 60x60 pixels as this will fit nicely next to most Return addresses.  You can also make it larger and have it contain the Return address information if you wish and omit the actual return address characters.

You can experiment with different sizes to see what fits your needs the best.

You can also perform these options on the main screen, if you have the Print/Display logo option selected for the Return Address record selected.

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