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5.1. Search for a Customer in the Mailboxes section

You will probably spend a lot of time in the Mailboxes section since this holds all the Mailbox and Customer information readly available.  We have made it pretty easy to find a specific Customer or Mailbox by using the filter bar at the top of the Mailboxes screen grid.  Here is a shot of what that looks like.

As listed above, we wanted to find who was in mailbox 101, so we keyed in 101 in the filter bar and pressed Enter.  This brought up or should I say filtered out all the other records that did not contain 101 in the Box field.

You can do the same for any of the listed fields in the Filter bar.  If you need to use a wildcard because you do not know the specific information, you can key in an asterisk (*) either prefixing or suffixing your selection.  Such as say you want to see all the boxes that contain the partial name - "star", then just key that into the Name field and with an asterisk before and after the characters like this - *star*.  And it will filter out and show you only the records that contain the characters star as listed below.

Of course you can perform this on any of the fields in the filter bar.

To clear out your filter, press the Esc key on the keyboard and all the filtering will be removed and all boxes will be displayed.

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