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5.12. Add SMS services to system.

The system comes already setup with most of the popular SMS services in the USA.  But, there may come a time you will need to add more to accomodate your stores specific needs and customers.  It is very simple to add the services and here are the instructions to do so.

From the Main screen of the program, click on the Setup menu at the top of the screen, and click on System Options.  This will display the System Options screen.  From here you can either select the Edit menu, the SMS setup, or click on the SMS Setup button near the bottom left of the screen.  Either of these selections will display the SMS Setup screen as displayed below.

This screen will show you all the different SMS Service names and Service addresses currently in the system that are needed to send a text message to their customers.  

To add one, or many, click on the New button.  Key in the Service Name and the Service Address needed to send an email to a text message on their customers phones.  You will need to find out what that Service Address is for each Carrier before this will work.

Here is a list that has not already been added automatically and can be added manually.

Boost Mobile - @sms.myboostmobile.com
U.S. Cellular - @email.uscc.net

Here is a list of the Canadian Carriers that we have information on that can be used.

Bell Canada – @txt.bellmobility.ca
Bell Mobility (Canada) – @txt.bell.ca
Fido – @fido.ca
Microcell – @fido.ca
President's Choice – @txt.bell.ca
Rogers Canada – @pcs.rogers.com
Solo Mobile – @txt.bell.ca
Telus – @msg.telus.com
Virgin Mobile Canada – @vmobile.ca
Koodo – @msg.koodomobile.com
Chatr – @pcs.rogers.com
Sasktel – @sms.Sasktel.com

If you need others, you can contact or lookup on-line the different carrier information as most have this information readily available.

There is currently not an option for a Google Voice number as Google does not allow this feature.

Add as many as you need and they will become selectable in the Box Maintenance section of the Cell Service for the Cell numbers to send notifications to.


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