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5.11. Send a test message to a new customer?

When you get a new customer to sign up for the service, you will need to enter their information into the Box file so that they can start receiving notifications when they have mail or packages to be picked up. To perform this task, of course you go to the Box File Maintenance screen and key in their information.  

After you are done entering their particulars, it would be wise to send them a quick test message to their phone and/or email addresses that have been entered.  This way, you can find out if you entered the data correctly and if they gave you the correct information.  

To send a test notification it is very simple.  Looking at the Box file maintenance screen you will see a little green icon next to the Notification Email fields with an @ sign on it.  

Box Maintenance Screen

Click on this icon and it will send out the notifications to the specified/selected notification destinations.  Be it text and/or emails accounts that you entered into the screen.  Of course the notification will only be sent if the customer is active and has a notification selection option turned on.  It will send the test message to all the valid selections.

This is very helpful to determine if the information you have in the system is valid and correct.  And you can start sending notifications to this customer.

You can also use this simple process to check at anytime to make sure they are getting their messages.  Like if they come into the store and say they are not getting notified, run a quick test message to see if they are actually getting notified.


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