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7.34. Backup files and send to Support Ticket

If you have been asked by the Support Team to create a backup of your files and attach them to your ticket, and you do not know how, you can follow these instructions.

1. First you need to create a backup of your data files.  To perform this task, click on the Windows Start button, then select Star Bill of Lading, Backup-Restore Data Files Utility.  If using an older version of Windows, you may have to select - Start, All Programs, Star Bill of Lading, Utilities, Backup-Restore Data Files Utility.  Either way, you will be displayed the following screens.

First you select the program to run, then you will be displayed the actual Backup/Restore program as displayed below.

2. Click on the little folder on the right to select the location to save the backup .zip file.  We suggest you save it to your Desktop so you can easily find it.  After selecting the desktop location, click on the Backup button. This will create the .zip file of your data files and save them to your desktop.

3. You can either reply to the email that references your ticket and attach the saved .zip file to the email so we will receive it, or if you are on the ticket using your browser, you can select the Choose File button and select the .zip file you just created to be sent to us. Either option works just fine for us to receive you data files for processing.

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