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3.9. Package Notification Feature

This option when activated will be used to send out Package Notifications to your box recipients when they recieve a package.  Now, this was able to be done using multiple notification types in the past, but this is a new section that has been make specifically for packages.

This will change the main screen to add a separate package scan button as shown.

Which will take you to this screen.  Here you can scan the tracking bar code on the package for each package and key in the box number it is to be delivered to.  You can scan /enter all the packages as they are received from the deliver carrier.

When finished scanning/entering all the packages, you will print the package sheets if you have choosen to print the package sheets under the setup screen.  This is very useful to stage the packages for the customer pickup. It prints a separate sheet for each box that has packages to be picked up, so you can easily just place the sheet on top of the package pile for each box.  You can also have the customer sign the sheet and you can file the sheet for proof of pickup and by whom.  Protect yourself, as remember you are liable for the package when it is received by the carrier. This is an option and if you choose not to print them, then the system will only send out a notification to the box holder that they have a package to pickup, otherwise it will send the notification and print the sheets.

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