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3.7. Renewal Notification Setup Instructions

There is a noification section that will inform your customers and you if you choose when a box is coming due. There are four notifications that are currently available such as - 30 days, 14 days, 0 days and 20 days past due, which will automatically inactivate the box. The system will automatically send out the notifications based on your selections, or use the defaults of the 30, 14, 0, and -20 days, and will print a slip to place into their box with the same
notification, and will print the same for you to keep on record. It can also send you the notifications that those boxes are coming due, etc.

To activate this feature in the program, follow these instructions.

To show/activate this section of the program, go to the Setup menu, then System Options. This will display the System Options screen. To activate the Renewal Notification section, you need to check the box next to Use Renewal Feature. This will display the Renewal and Pricing button on the screen. Just click on it to show the Box Pricing and Renewal Info screen.

This screen will be displayed if you choose standard pricing.

This screen will be displayed if you choose 13612 pricing.  As it allows for breaking down different pricing for 1, 3, 6, and 12 month rental periods. These are per month pricing.

Section - Box Pricing:
There are two different pricing setups based on the Setup options. One is the standard pricing for boxes. One price for each size. This is used no matter if you renew for one month or 12 months. There are different prices available for each box size.

PER MO. This field is the price for each month of the service.
1 MO. This is the price per month.
3 MO. This is a different price per month if paying for 3 months of service.
6 MO. This is a different price per month if paying for 6 months of service.
12 MO. This is a different price per month if paying for 12 months of service.
Of course each is specified by the box size used.

Section - Renewal Notifications:
There are four different renewal periods and notification messages that are available to use. The defaults are 30, 14, 0, and -20 days to send out notifications to your customers. based on the current date and their renewal date. The system will run through all of your box customers and check their renewal dates and send out notifications if they fall into one of the renewal periods. This process is done automatically so you do not have to bother with tracking this information.
There are also options to send the notifications, print the notifications, or to CC (carbon copy you) so that you are also notified when a customer notification is sent out. We offer this because you are not notified when this happens, as it is done behind the scenes.

When you activate this section as described, you will need to go into your Box Maintenance screen and update the Box records to reflect the rental Start Service Date, Begin Rental Date, and End Rental Dates. This will need to be
updated for every box rental. Of course the system bases the notifications on those dates.

There is not an invoicing system for this, as most stores already have an invoice system in place. Anyway, when a box rental pays for their box, you would go to their record, and the easiest way is to select the Length of Rental
drop down, then click the Extend Rental Period. This will update their record with the number of Months they paid for.


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