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5.14. Share the data files between users on workstation.

To be able to share the software and use the same data files between users on a workstation, you must perform a couple of tasks to allow the system to do this.  As the software and data was not written to be shared between users, as normally they would prefer to have their own sets of data.  But, in the event you wish this to happen, here are the instructions to do so.

The first thing you will need to do is to find out where the data files reside. To do this, run the software, click on the Help menu, then About..  This will display the About screen.  On the bottom of the screen you should see the data file location as pictured below.

Check Writer files location

Next think you should do is to move the files.  Or, copy them to a shared location that all users can access.  I would think the best place on your system would be C:\Users\Public\Documents\StarreSoft\CheckWriter\data

You would need to create the folder on your system to hold the data files, and you can do this using Windows Explorer.  Just proceed to the the Users, Public, Documents folder and create a folder called StarreSoft, and in that folder create another folder called CheckWriter, and another called data.

Then you can copy the files from the folder that is displayed above into the new folder. Be sure to select them all.

After you have copied all the files, you will then need to edit your Registry to tell the program where the new files are located.  Run the windows program REGEDIT.exe, and scroll till you find the following.

Double click on the word starcheckwriter, and you will see the following edit screen.

Just change the location to the folder that you created previously, which should be: C:\Users\Public\Documents\StarreSoft\CheckWriter\data

And click OK to save it.  You should be able to close the Registry Editor and should be able to run the software and it should now be pointing to the new data location.

That is all that is needed.

Now when you run the program and click on Help and About... It should look like this...

You are now finished.

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