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3.2. Setting up the Software

When you run the software for the first time, you will be presented with the following Welcome screen.

After you click OK, you will be taken to the Setup Options screen.

See Chapter 3.2 - System Option Setup for detailed information

Once you have filled in all of the required information, click Continue. You will see the following dialog screen.

Click OK. Then you will see

Click Yes. You will then be taken to the Box File Inital Setup screen and Wizard.


See Chapter 3.3 - Box File Setup for detailed information.

After you have successfully completed the Box Setup, the next step would be to print out the enrollment form that you can put into each of your mailbox customers box.  This is used to inform your customers of the new service offering.  It will explain what the service is/does and allow them to fill out their information and submit it back to you to add them to the system.  There are two different enrollment forms based on your setup section which you decide whether to charge for the service or not.  To print out the enrollment form, just proceed to the main screen of the program, click on the Setup menu, then System Options.  This will display the System Options screen.  Just click on the File menu, and select Print Enrollment form.  You can preview this form if you wish, as this option is also there to select.  If everything looks good, then just print as many copies as needed.  You can always go back and print these at anytime for new customers as needed.

After setting up the Box file with all the entries associated with the actual boxes in the store, you will need to print the Bar Code Labels to be affixed to the boxes themselves. These consist of a separate bar code label for each mail box. They print on a Labels on a Avery Label Style 5967 which will contain the readable bar code along with the Box Number. These will be used to affix to the actual mail box slot to be scanned. This needs to be performed prior to running the software in production. That is if you plan on using a bar code scanner to enter the boxes that have mail in them. Otherwise you can key each one individually into the system and no bar codes or bar code scanner is needed. But, of course this is not very cost efficient.
Here is more information on the printed bar code labels. 

You can also change the email/text message that is sent to the customers.  Just proceed to the Email setup screen.

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