10.1. Registration/Purchasing

BoxMinder SaaS charges a fee of $90.00 per year per store. Not per month, Yes, we said $90.00 per year. This price includes the software itself and the automatic communication service, as well as full product support and software updates. Any location that has more traffic than 250 email/text messages per day is subject to additional charges based on the volume of messages sent.

BoxMinder PRO charges a fee of $199.00 for the software itself, and allows you to use your own email account to send the notifications to your customers. It is a one time fee for the software, and allows you Support/Upgrades/Updates for a period of (1) one year. After that year, you have an option to purchase Support/Upgrades/Updates for an additional year. Or, you can keep what you have and run it as there would be no additional charges since you paid for the software.

You get full usage of the software product along with the communications account to send out the emails and texts to your customers.

By Credit Card

You can also register by going to http://www.starresoft.com/bmpurchase.htm on the internet.

Here you will find the instructions to pay by credit card.

After receiving funds, your account will be added or updated, based on it's status. 

Thank you for supporting our software.

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