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1.1. Introduction - What this software actually does.

The Star Check Writer program was written to create a simple way to fill in your personal checks.

There are many features and options that allow you to customize the way this program is used and make it more suitable for you own Personal or Company needs.

Have you ever wanted to make your daily/weekly/monthly bill paying process easier?  Well, this little program was designed to make life and this process just a little easier.  Now, of course there is on-line bill paying nowadays, but what about those of us who do not want to use this process, or still have many checks we have to write each month.  This program helps you fill in and print wonderful looking checks right on your own check book checks.  It DOES NOT PRINT THE ACTUAL CHECK, as there are many programs that can do that, this one just fills in the Date, Name, Amount, Amount Wording and the Memo Field to make this process very simple.  Do you have to print the same check every month for a loan or such? You can store this information into the Payee file and retrieve it and print in about 2 clicks of the mouse.  How easy is that?  Or, you can store the payee and memo fields and only fill in the amount total.  Many of us only have one checking account and one check style, but for those of you who have multiple accounts, this program can handle those too.  You can have unlimited check layouts, checking accounts, printers, and payees so you can grow and the software grows with you.

Most of the features included in this system has been developed with the end-user in mind, as most of them have come from requests of our users. You can easily change the options to customize it more to your liking by using the different setup options in this program.  There is a Data Backup feature to help control your data protection requirements. Read through this help file, as most of the features and functions are described within. If you cannot find your answers here, then by all means contact us via our help desk located at, our support staff will be happy to answer your questions as needed.

Star Check Writer should be able to handle all of your needs as is. If there are other functions you would like to add feel free to contact us and we will review them and offer a quotation on the costs associated with those changes, or we could even add such an option to a future release.

We are always looking to upgrade and offer a more functional product. Be sure to check for updates often on our web site @  As a registered user, you are also eligible to receive all upgrades and updates to this program for a period of (3) months.  See the registration area for more information.

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