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4.2. Scan Incoming

There are two basic options that get run daily. The first is to Scan Incoming. This option is used to scan the mail boxes that contain mail in them. After mail has been delivered and placed in the boxes, the attendant will click on this option off the main screen. A screen will be displayed like the one below and prompt the user to either Scan or Enter all boxes containing mail. The attendant will then grab the bar code scanner and walk over to the back of the mail boxes and scan the bar code labels associated with all the boxes that contain mail. This will enter the Box number into the program to send out a message or messages to the recipient of the box if they are setup to receive a notification. If they are not setup to receive a notification, it will just skip the process for that box. You can also key them in manually if there is no bar code scanner to use. 

After all the boxes are Scanned/Entered, you can select the Send button, which will cause the program to send out all the notifications to recipients that are signed up for the notifications and contain mail in their box.

After all notifications are sent out, you will be notified it has completed and you are done for the day. Fast and efficiently. And the Customers are happy that they don't need to stop in to check their mailbox.

Here is what the Scan screen looks like with the different options available.


Box#: This is the where the box number is either entered or scanned into the system that contains mail in their box.

Grid: This grid will display the processing description of the boxes that were scanned. And will display what will happen when you click on the Send option.


Menu Options:

The main menu on this screen has extra options that you may need to be aware of, and we have described them below.




Grid Pop-Up Menu Options

If you right-click on the displayed grid, you will be presented with other options for the scanned items that may be helpful. 

Here are the options available to the scanned items.

Change Status - You can select one of the following options for the selected scanned record for this entry to be changed to.




Delete Entry - This option will delete the selected record from the scanned entry grid. This is used incase you accidentally scanned a box without mail. Or, whatever reason.

Clear All Entries - This option will clear out all the scanned entries in the scanned grid. If you do this, you will need to re-scan all entries containing mail.

Button Options

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