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3.10. Print Bar Code Labels

After setting up the Box file with all the entries associated with the actual boxes in the store, you will need to print the Bar Code Labels to be affixed to the boxes themselves. These consist of a separate bar code label for each mail box. They print on an Avery Label Style 5967 which will contain the readable bar code along with the Box Number. These will be used to affix to the actual mail box slot to be scanned. This needs to be performed prior to running the software in production. That is if you plan on using a bar code scanner to enter the boxes that have mail in them. Otherwise you can key each one individually into the system and no bar codes or bar code scanner is needed. But this may not be very cost effective.


Here is a layout of the labels that you will receive when selecting this option.




You would peel each label off and stick on the associated back of the mail boxes for scanning.


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