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3.5. Email Setup

This screen is used to setup the Email portion of the system. All the fields are pretty much self explanatory, but we will list them below with definitions. Be sure to completely fill out all the fields that are used for your individual store. When you received your software, these should already be filled out. If not you have the ability to add them on this screen.


Account: This is your assigned Account number of your store. This will be assigned from BoxMinder.com staff during the order process.

From Name: Name the Emails are to be listed From.

Subject: This is the Subject line in the Email or Text message to be sent.

Message: This is the actual message that will be sent in the Email/Text message. You can change this to whatever you want it to say.

Menu Options:

The main menu on this screen has extra options that you may need to be aware of, and we have described them below.









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