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3.4. Box File Setup

When you first install the software and run it, you will be displayed a screen called the Box File Creation Wizard. This screen is used to quickly setup your box file in the program for usage. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like.


To create the boxes, you need to know some information about them. First, we assume that there are up to 4 different sized boxes in your store. Small, Medium, Large, and Corporate.

What you need to do is this. Determine the Starting Box number and the Ending Box number for each set of box sizes. In the default listed, we assume you are starting the box number for the Small sized boxes at 101 and ending at 160. This gives you 60 total boxes for the Small box size. And incrementing 1 box number at a time. If you have the same number of boxes - 60, but want to increment them by say, 5, then you would enter 100 as the starting box number and 400 as the ending box number, and of course the increment figure would be 5. After entering all the starting and ending box numbers, along with the increments, click on the Calculate button. This will calculate the number of boxes to be created in the file without actually processing and creating them. You can play around with the numbers until they match your layout of actual boxes. If you do not need Large or Corporate boxes, clear the starting and ending box numbers and the program will not calculate them.

After your calculations are correct, you can click on the Create Boxes button and the program will create the Box File records into the program. This saves time as apposed to manually adding all the box numbers into the Box File Maintenance screen.

If you make a mistake, there is an option under the System Setup screen menus that will allow you to Clear/Erase the box file entries. Caution, be sure to only run this during the setup process as if you select this option during actual usage, it will remove all the records and you will have to re-setup every box entry.

If you made a mistake, and cleared out all the records, you can re-run the Box File Setup Wizard, by either exiting the program or returning to the main screen. Then click on the Setup menu, then Box File Maintenance and there is an option under the Edit menu that will allow you to re-run this Wizard. This will only be visible if there are no records in the Box file.

Starting Box#: This is the beginning box number you want the box file to start creating records for this size from.

Ending Box#:. This is the ending box number you want the box file to end creating records for this size at.

Increment by: This is the Subject line in the Email or Text message to be sent.


Menu Options:

The main menu on this screen has extra options that you may need to be aware of, and we have described them below.




Button Options:




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