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5.10. How do I add a scanned signature to the program

To add your scanned signature, it must be in a format of .bmp. If you have it in this bitmap format, then you just need to perform the following.

Open the program. Click on the Setup menu, then Accounts.

Here you see the setup options for the account.

At the bottom right hand corner, there is a check box that states - Use Signature Pic. Be sure this is Checked. If/When it is checked you will see a white box to the left of this area. This is where the signature is displayed.

Take your mouse over this box, then RIGHT click your mouse. A popup menu will appear and an option that says Load will be displayed. Select Load and you will have to select the file that contains your signature. Find the file you wish to use and select it. It will load into this area and you should have the signature displayed.

When you are finished, click Close to save.

If you do not have your signature saved as a .bmp file (bitmap), then you can also load it. The process is a little different in this case. First, select a program on your system that will display the signature. This could be just about any graphic program that you have on your system. If you do not have anything that you normally use, you can use Microsoft's Paint program. To run this program, just click on the Windows Start Button, click on All Programs, click on Accessories, then Paint. When this program is running, click on File, then Open. Select the file that contains your scanned signature. It will be displayed on the screen. The next step is to click on the Edit menu, then Select All. This will highlight the whole picture, then you can click on the Edit menu again, then click on Copy. This will cause your system to copy the image into memory/clipboard. You can then close this program, go to the Check Writer, select Setup, and Accounts. Go to the box at the bottom left of the screen (as long as you selected Use Signature Pic) RIGHT click on your mouse, then select PASTE. This will paste the picture you just copied into this this area and you should have the signature displayed.

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