1.1. Introduction

  BoxMinder is a software product designed specifically for mailbox rental stores. It performs the important task of notifying a store's customers via e-mail or SMS text message whenever they receive mail or packages in their mailbox. This service saves them many unnecessary trips or calls to your store, and will definitely be appreciated by customers waiting on important deliveries.

BoxMinder is a standalone package meant to be installed on a local workstation with an Internet connection. It is both easy to use and easy to customize to fit your store's own specific needs.

Boxminder can easily be incorporated into your location's routine. Incoming mail or packages received by the store are sorted and processed as usual. The attendand then runs the software and uses a wireless scanner to scan the barcodes affixed to those mailboxes which contain new materials. Stores without access to wireless scanners can also hand-key barcode/mailbox numbers instead.

Alerts are only sent to customers who have signed up for the BoxMinder service; any customer who have opted out simply have their barcodes ignored by the program.

BoxMinder comes with all the tools required to print mailbox barcodes and customer enrollment forms from your own computers. It also includes a separate e-mail address hosted on our own server at BoxMinder.net for the sole purpose of sending out new notifications to customers; any user replies or bounced deliveries will be sent directly to your stores's own personal BoxMinder address.

Each customer can register up to three different e-mail addresses for instant notification in addition to specifying an SMS/PCS phone text number for text messages, and can request any or all of their contacts to be notified at once. Customers who will be gone for extended periods can even have their notifications put on hold for that period.

An option to include single-line advertisements with new mail notifications is also included with BoxMinder. This is perfect for informing your customers of new or upcoming specials, as well as promoting other community events or business partners. You can organize which advertisements, if any, are sent out through the storage database built into BoxMinder. Send every customer the same default ad, or select a customized message at the time of processing.

You can send out package notifications and package sheets to have the customers sign when they pickup their packages.

There is also a renewal section that will send a notification to your customers automatically when their mailbox rental is coming due long with reminders if not paid in a coundown manner.  Then if box is not paid after a set date period, it will deactivate the box and no longer will receive notifications.

BoxMinder comes complete with a mailbox file creation wizard, which automatically sets up new box file records based on input data. It also keeps a transaction history of all sent notifications. Combined with easy installation and robust backup and restore feature, BoxMinder is made to be reliable and user-friendly.

BoxMinder SaaS charges a fee of $90.00 per year per store. Not per month, Yes, we said $90.00 per year. This price includes the software itself and the automatic communication service, as well as full product support and software updates. The SaaS version allows for up to 250 email/text messages per day.

BoxMinder PRO charges a fee of $199.00 for the software itself, and allows you to use your own email account to send the notifications to your customers.  It is a one time fee for the software, and allows you Support/Upgrades/Updates for a period of (1) one year.  After that year, you have an option to purchase Support/Upgrades/Updates for an additional year.  Or, you can keep what you have and run it as there would be no additional charges since you paid for the software.

You can decide for yourself whether your store will require an extra cost for customers to use the BoxMinder program or if you wish to provide its benefits for free. No extra licensing agreements or fees are required if you wish to charge for this service. It's simple to setup the software to allow for either option, so the choice is yours.

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