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9.6. Error Code 5012

If upon upgrading to the latest version you receive an error code of: Error 5012: The field definition specified for the table was not valid..............

You will need to download, install, and run the following fix:

This should correct the issue you are having.

Here is the explanation of what caused this issue.

When you upgraded one of the workstations to the latest version, all was well.  The problem occured when you or someone else went to upgrade another workstation and ran the older version of the software.  This updated some of the data files back to the older version and caused issues.  When upgrading the Network Edition, be sure to download and install the new version of the software directly from our website on each workstation that contains the Star Bill of Lading software.  Be sure you perform this on all the workstations prior to letting anyone back into the program.

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