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5.25. Instructions to perform a batch print of envelopes

Instructions to perform a Batch Print of Envelopes

To perform a batch print of envelopes, you only need to decide which addresses to print envelopes for then print them.

To print them, just click on the File menu, then select Additional Print Options then Batch Printing.

This will display the batch selection screen. If you do not see any names, just click on the Groups drop down and select All. This will display all the address in your address book. Or, you can select a group which will display only the address records that are assigned to that group.

Then, you just need to select the ones to print by selecting or checking the boxes to the right of the displayed names.

You can select all the boxes displayed by clicking on the Edit menu, then Select
All. Or, you can just press Ctrl-A. This will do the same thing. You can also
sort out the groups by selecting a group first then your Ctrl-A to select all of
them to print.

After selecting the addresses to print, just click the print button and they will all be scheduled to print envelopes for the selected names. Use of course the orginal settings displayed on the main screen. So, be sure to select the appropriate settings before selecting the names. Such as envelope, etc.

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