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4.6. Adding a new printer to be used in program.

If you would like to add another printer to be used in the program, just follow these instructions.

Run the program, click on the Options menu on the Main screen.  Then click on the Printers Settings/Options. This will display the Printers Setup Screen for the program.  To add a new printer to be used, you need to click on the + (plus) sign to add a record as displayed in the following screen shot.


After you add a record, you need to give it a Name.  This is used internally in the program and is not the System name of the actual printer.  So you can call it anything you wish.

Then of course you need to describe to the program information about the printer as to how you would feed the envelopes, along with the direction and orientation.

After you are done describing the printer, you can select the Close button and your record will be saved and ready for usage.

You will need to select the printer to be used on the main screen then assign it to the actual system printer in the Printer Dialog box when you select to print an envelope.  The system should save this information for the next time you use this printer.

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