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4.4. How can I check to see if there is an update available?

At anytime, you can check to see if there are any Updates/Upgrades available for this product.

To perform this task, just run the program. Click on Help, then Check for Updates.

This will tell the program to check our web site for any available Upgrades/Updates.

If one is available, it will prompt you that there is an update available and ask you if you wish to Get update.

If you choose to do so, the next screen you will see is an Information box.. Please read this carefully.
Our example refers to the Network Edition. The Single User Edition is similar.

After you have read this screen and clicked OK, another information screen will appear. Please read carefully.

If you are sure you wish to download and install the update, click Yes. If not, click No.

Click Next

This screen will show you the Download progress. When finished you will see the following screen

Click Restart

After you click Yes, a window will appear where you are to begin the installation process.

Our example is for the Network Edition. The Single User Edition looks similar.

Just select the defaults and you should be good to go and the new version will be installed.

All Updates/Upgrades are available at no charge for a period of One (1) year from the original date of purchase. Unless you are current on our Support/Upgrades/Updates licensing, I would not suggest upgrading or updating, as you may need to purchase the upgrade/update.

If the update is for the same Major Version, such as 6.60 and you already purchased a version 6.xx version, you will not need to purchase the upgrade. Only when it upgrades to say version 7.xx, as the major version number changed. As your original registration codes are valid though the full major version cycle.

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