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1.3. Available Versions

There are 3 different versions of this software available.  
We have listed these versions below with a short description about each one.

SE Version - Single User Edition

This version allows for one copy of the software to be installed on a workstation, and the database resides on that workstation. The cost of this version is $199.00usd for the downloaded version and $214.00usd for the CD/USB version.

NE Version - Network Edition

This version allows you to install the software on a network of computers. You can have up to 3 local concurrent users connected to the database at one time. All the data files reside on a Network Server or a shared workstation. The cost of this version is $399.00usd for the downloaded version and $414.00usd for the CD/USB version.

CE Version - Carrier Edition

This version is only available to Carriers.
The software is the same as our Network Edition with the following exception.
Your customers can only create BOL's with your Company as the Carrier. The system will install onto your customers system, pre-loaded with your Company name.
This drives more business to you as they cannot use the software for any other Carrier.  There is only a customization fee involved with creating your own version of our software. The cost is only $299.00usd. This gives you your own version customized with your Company as the only Carrier capable to print on the bills. You are given an unlimited number of copies to give away to your Customers. Whether you have 10 Customers or 10000, the value is exceptional.

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