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13.1. Version History

The Version History provided here starts with version 2.

To see the complete history follow this link: Version History

2.00 - 7/12/2009
New version release with many new updates and fixes as requested by customers. Added new screen designs, ability to resize screens. Many fixes and changes to improve the package. New data features to allow for upcoming additions. Allows for larger sized check amounts to be entered. 

2.01 - 7/13/2009
Minor changes/fixes. Added option to allow for date selection to include the following date formats. YY MM DD, and YY MM DD; This is used for our friends up north.

2.11 - 7/18/2009
Fixed issue with printing value of check range between 110000.00 and 119999.99 as it was not creating the correct word amount. Also added another Date Masking option of Y Y M M D D.

2.12 - 7/22/2009
Fixed issue with printing large check amounts as it was cutting off the word value based on original spacing allotment.

2.15 - 7/27/2009
Fixed issue with printing asterisks after the word value if using a larger font size.

2.20 - 8/20/2009
Fixed issue with printing of word amount, as there has been reports of the zero being cut off at end of /100..

2.25 - 2/20/2010
Added a reset of screen sizing. This has been brought up in some instances where the screen sizing could not be changed. Added an option to reset back to original sizing. Added the Default Check Amount display when using the drop down of the Payee on the check.

3.00 - 1/11/2011
New version release with many new updates and fixes as requested by customers. Added the option to print to Voucher Style checks. New options to print addresses on the checks if needed. Also integrated with Star Envelope Printer Pro for printing envelopes on the fly.

3.01 - 2/7/2011
Added Payee, Memo, Check Amount and Date fields to the Voucher Style check layouts. These fields will print on the voucher stubs along with the detail voucher information. Misc fixes and updated help text.

3.10 - 3/7/2011
Fixed some issues with the bin selections on the printers screen. Was not processing/saving the selection when print was called with some printers. Added the actual system printer name and bin selection to this screen. 

3.20 - 11/4/2011
Added filtering option to History Maintenance page. Changed the setting for the totals on page also to line up the totals for grouping. Fixed linking option for Checking for Star Envelope Printer Pro install for W7 64 bit systems. Create a running total of checks printed on a day. This would be for account and totals for the day. Check reports to be able to print by check number.

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