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4.10. Import/Export Data



If you have a database with information already entered into it, you may be able to import the data into this program.  You can import the following types of data:  Paradox files, DBase files, Text, HTML, Excel, Lotus 123, Quattro Pro, Microsoft Access, and XML files.  Just select the option off the Options menu.

Run the program. Click Maintenance then Import then select what you want to import.

For our example, we are going to select Items. This will open the Import Wizard dialog screen.

This first screen, you will select the file type of the data you wish to import. For our example, we are going to select an Excel file. Click Next.

Select the location of the Excel file you wish to import and click Next.

This will bring up the File preview screen. This is what your data looks like before we map the fields in the program. Make note of what columns your data is in.

Click Next.

This brings up the Mappings dialog screen. This is where you select what fileds from your Excel file and assign them to the appropriate Destination.

Use the drop down to select which column from your Excel file you wish to put in each destination.
For example, for Item (Destination), you would select A if your item number is in column A on your Excel spreadsheet (Source).
And so on. Once you have made all of the desired selections, click Next
Note: You do not have to import all of the fileds that may be on your Excel Spreadsheet. The wizard will only import those fields that you have selected. 

This screen allows you to Preview your mapped fields. If it looks like your data is in the fields you wish them to be in, then click Next.
If there are fields out of place or missing, select Back and make changes.
After you have clicked next, you will be presented with the Summary dialog screen. 


Here is where you would select the Import Mode.

You will either select Append to add records to the database OR Copy, which will replace the data that exists with what you are importing.

After you have made your selection, click Execute.

When importing has completed, you will be returned to the program. You can verify that your information has been imported by clicking on Maintenance and the selecting whatever it is you imported.


This will run the Export Wizard that will ask you what file format you wish to export to.  You have the following choices:

Paradox file, Dbase file, Text file, HTML file, Excel spreadsheet, Excel file, Word file, SYLK, DIF, Lotus 123, QuattroPro file, SQL script file, XML file, MS Access database, MS Windows clipboard, Rich Text format, SPSS format, Adobe Acrobat Document, and LDAP DataInterchange Format.

Follow the instructions in the Wizard to create your Exported file.

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