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4.9. Ship Via Maintenance Screen

The Ship Via Maintenance screen that is displayed when you Create/Maintain Ship Via's in the database.

Here is a list of the fields and information about them.

Ship Via: - The Description of the Ship Via.

Here are some of the options you are presented with on this screen.

There are buttons that allow you to perform different options.  Here is a list and definition of those options.


This button when pressed, will create a new Ship Via record.


This button when pressed, will Close this screen and return you to the Main screen.

Menu Options:

The menu that is displayed on this screen allows you to select different options to process.  Below is a list of all the options available along with their meanings/functions.




New - Create a New Ship Via record

Delete - Delete the Selected Ship Via record


Help - This will display the programs Help file.

About - This option will display the About screen.  This screen will display the version number of the program.

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