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4.4. Concatenating fields while importing addresses


To concatenate the fields using the import wizard you need to use this during
the import option.  Run the Import option, then during the mapping portion,
you need to key in the following into the mapping Source associated to the
proper address field.

(C + ", " + D + "  " + E)

Where C = City
Where D = State
Where E = Zip

This is based on the assumption that you are using an Excel spreadsheet to
import.  Other file types are done the same way.

Here is an example of concatenating fields in a csv file where you need to concatenate the first and last names.  In the example, the fields are Field1 = Last Name, Field2 = First name.




















You will see the layout on the next screen with the results of the mappings.  And you may need to tweak it as it depends on your data.

Here is a picture of the results for this particular selection.

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