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4.3. Upgrading to the Network Edition from the Single Edition

To set up the Network Version Upgrade of this software, you must
follow these instructions.

1.) Backup your Current Version of the Star Bill of Lading Data (See Below for Instructions)

2.) Install the Star Bill of Lading Network Edition program onto your workstation. Along with any other workstations that will be running the software. (See Below for Instructions)
3.) If you installed it to the default folder, then there will be a folder called:

4.) Next check to see if the program runs on all of the workstations you installed the software to. If everything works, then you are ready to proceed. (Do not worry about the data yet. This will be setup later.)

5.) Copy the data files to your server. To perform this, all you need to do is to copy the original workstations \data folder over to a drive on your network. (Make sure you use the workstation your original data resides on.)  Such as M:\BOL Data. Be sure to create the folder on your server first. Be sure that wherever you copy the data files to, that you change the permissions to access the data folder and files you created to give full read/write access to these files for everyone that would have access to them.

6.) Now you need to setup your workstation(s) to point to the folder on the server that you just created and loaded with the data files.  You need to run the utility called Workstation Configuration Setup Utility. This will handle the setup process for you. This program was installed during the installation process and can be run by clicking on the Windows Start button, then Programs, then Star Bill of Lading, then Utilities, then Workstation Configuration Setup Utility.

This program will display the current Network Data folder that contains the shared data files.

To configure the data pointer, you need to click on the Set Location button. This will show you a layout of your folders and network drives. Select the Server/Workstation that you copied the original data files to: our example M:\BOL Data.

Then click OK. If you did this correctly, and the files reside in this folder, you will be notified.

Then just Exit the program your system should be setup correctly.

What you are doing is pointing the program to the data files that are shared on the network drive.  The program handles everything else.  Be sure to perform this Configuration Setup on each of your workstations to have them all point to the server/workstation where the data files reside, otherwise they will be using the files loaded on the workstation and the data will not be shared.

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