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4.1. Main Screen

The main screen that is displayed when you first run the program is the starting point for all operations in this program.

 Here are some of the options you are presented with on this screen.

There are buttons that allow you to perform different options.  Here is a list and definition of those options.

This button when pressed, will attempt to print the check using the information listed on the screen.

This button when pressed, will open the Payees Selection/Maintenance screen so you can either select a Payee or maintain your list of payees in the system.  

This button when pressed, will Exit the program.

Menu Options:
The menu that is displayed on this screen allows you to select different options to process.  Below is a list of all the options available along with their meanings/functions. 







Buy Now:

This button will display if the program has not been registered.  If clicked on it will take you to the Starre Software Purchasing Web Site which will allow you to purchase this software.

Processing options and fields on the screen.

This area will explain the different processing options and fields that are defined on this screen.

Here is a list of the fields and information about them.

Account: - This field will be displayed if there are multiple Accounts listed in the program.  This allows for easy switching of accounts when printing checks.

Check#: - This is the Check number associated with this check to be printed.  It does not print on the check, but is needed for History tracking.

Date: - This is the Check date to be printed on the check.

Payee: - The name of the Payee.  This is who the check will be written to.  You can enter N/A to print a blank payee on the check.  Otherwise it needs to be filled in.

Amount: - This is the Check Amount that will be printed on the check.

Memo: - This is the Memo that will be printed on the check.  Normally it would contain the Account number or something that can easily be identified for what the check was written for.  

Available Function Keys.

This area will explain the different function keys that are available for use on this screen.

F2 - Payee Lookup.  This will allow you to perform a lookup for a Payee record to load into the check to be printed.

F9 - Print Check.  This will tell the system to Print the entered Check.

F11 - Account Setup - This will display the Accounts screen so you can either select or maintain the account selected.

Alt+C - This will take the cursor directly to the Check number field so you can change it to the correct check number.

Ctrl-E - Pressing this key sequence will call your email program with a listing of your setup functions that can be sent to our support team.  This is useful when trying to diagnose problems.

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