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3.7. History Maintenance

The Check History Maintenance screen is displayed when you want to Maintain the Printed Checks in the database

Here is a list of the fields and information about this screen. 

You are displayed a grid of all the printed checks for the selected Account.  You can scroll through and actually maintain the information by clicking on the grid for the record to maintain and just enter the correct information.

Or, you can right click on a record to show a popup menu that will allow you to Void or even Delete a record.

Here are some of the options you are presented with on this screen.

There are buttons that allow you to perform different options.  Here is a list and definition of those options.

Close: This button when pressed, will Close this screen and return you to the Main screen.


Menu Options:
The menu that is displayed on this screen allows you to select different options to process. Below is a list of all the options available along with their meanings/functions.




View Column Grouping Selections - If you select this option, a Group box will appear on the grid. This will allow you to drag and drop a column into this box and the records will be displayed by that group.

To perform this grouping, just click and hold your mouse on a specific column heading and drag it to the Grouping Box, this will cause the screen to display the following screen shot if you selected the Payee column.


View Footer Summary - If you select this option, a Footer will appear on the grid with a summary of the dollar amount of checks and withdrawals/deposits that have been entered into this system.

View Filtering Options - If you select this option, this filter allows you to select records to be displayed in the grid based on the criteria you tell it to display.

To filter out and only display a particular Payee, you can click on the Payee Header box and it will drop down a selection screen and allow you to select a specific payee. This will display only the checks for that specific Payee.  You can also select multiple options to break down the display further.


The displayed grid has many features that make it very flexible to use. You can sort each of the columns by just clicking on the column heading, or you can filter out records by each column too. Experiment as the program will not save your settings so to get things back to normal, you can just exit the program and go back into it and everything will be reset.

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