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3.6. Payee Maintenance

To arrive at the Payees Maintenance screen, from the Main Screen, click Maintenance then Payees or press F2

The Payees Maintenance screen is displayed when you Create/Maintain Payees in the database.

To add a new Payee, click the New button at the top of the screen. This will create a blank record in which you can enter all of the desired information. 

If the amount for the Payee is the same for every check written, you can add a Default Amount. This will save you time when creating a check.
The Memo field could serve the same purpose if there is an account number associated with the Payee so you wouldn't have to type that over & over each time you write a check to the Payee. 

If you select Auto Print Envelope, after you print your check it will automatically open up the Star Envelope Printer Pro software and be ready to print out an envelope, saving even more time.

When you are finished, click New again to add another record or Close to exit this screen. The new Payee you created will now appear in the drop down box on the main screen.

Here is a list of the fields and information about them. 

Payee: The name of the Payee.

Printed Payee Name - If different: This is a different Payee Name that will be printed for the associated Payee record.  Such as if you have multiple AMEX accounts and want this information separated since there are different account numbers you can have one as the Payee = AMEX - BLUE, but assign the printed name as AMEX.  This way you can have multiple Payees that print the exact same name on the check.

Address: These fields define the Payees Address. There are four fields for address lines. Do not include the Name here as it is taken from the Payee field above.

Default Amount: This is a Default Check Amount that will be pre-loaded when selecting a Payee to print on the check.  This can be changed at printing time if needed.  It is only a default.

Memo: This is a Default Memo that will be pre-loaded when selecting a Payee to print on the check.  This can be changed at printing time if needed.  It is only a default.  Normally we would store the Account number so we do not have to key it in every time we print a check for this Payee.

Category: This is a selection to assign all checks written to this Payee to be put in the selected Expense Category. 

Assign to Account: This is an option if you have multiple accounts that you can select to assign the Payee to only show up on the drop down on the main screen if the selected account is being used.  If nothing is selected, then the Payee will be available for all accounts in the system. 

Auto Print Envelope: Only displayed if you have the Star Envelope Printer Pro software installed on this machine.
This selection box field will, if checked, automatically call the Star Envelope Printer Pro software to print an envelope after the check is printed. This is only available if you have the Star Envelope Printer Pro software installed. You can obtain this from our web site at

Here are some of the options you are presented with on this screen.

There are buttons that allow you to perform these options. 

New: This button when pressed, will create a new Payee record.

Select: This button when pressed, will load the selected Payee record to the Check screen to be printed.

Close: This button when pressed, will Close this screen and return you to the Main screen.


Menu Options: The menu that is displayed on this screen allows you to select different options to process. Below is a list of all the options available along with their meanings/functions.




Help - This will display the programs Help file.
Export Payee File - This option will run an Export Wizard to allow you to export the information in the Payee file to a different file option.
Import Payee File - This option will run an Import Wizard to allow you to import records into the Payee file from an outside source such as an excel file, etc.
About - This option will display the About screen.  This screen will display the version number of the program



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