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3.3. Check Setup

To arrive at the Check Setup screen, from the main Screen, click Setup then Checks

This will display the Setup Options screen for your Check Setups. Here you will find the different settings and options. We have listed the different fields and options you have to choose from along with a description of the different settings.


There is a grid that displays the different Checks that are defined in this program. You can click on one that is displayed and the record will be selected for changes etc.

Be sure, once you have selected your check style here, that you select this Check Type in the Account Setup. Click Setup then Accounts.

Then use the drop down box to select Check Type for the Account selected.

Then click Close to save your selection.


Check Name:
This field allows you to enter a Check Name that is used to define your Check Layout to be printed.  If you only have one Check layout, then I would suggest leaving it defined as Default.  Otherwise, you can create a different one if needed.

Check Form Size:
These fields allows you to enter the actual size of your checks.  This is stored in inches and you must include the Height and Width of the actual check being printed.

Printed field layout on check: (Standard or Business Size Checks)

Additional Layouts (Voucher Style Checks)

Test Print:
This button when pressed will print a Test Check. It is used to help in the alignment of the fields to be printed on the actual checks. You can either print to an actual check, or just plain paper to help align the fields.

Menu Options:
The menu that is displayed on this screen allows you to select different options to process.  Below is a list of all the options available along with their meanings/functions.

Close - Close this screen - Returns back to Main screen.

New - This option will create a new Account in the system.
Delete - This option will Delete the selected Account from the system.

This menu option will allow you to modify the Font settings for the following fields to be printed:

Help - This will display the programs Help file.
About - This option will display the About screen.  This screen will display the version number of the program.

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