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3.1. Initial Setup

There is a setup section that needs to be addressed before the software is ready for use. Here is a description of what needs to be setup and how this is done.

To access the System Setups, run the program and click on the Setup menu, then you have three choices. Accounts, Checks, and Printers.

Accounts Setup Options

Check Setup Options

Printer Setup Options

Each of these areas need to be setup before using the program correctly.

Click on the links above to learn more about the setup of each option.

Turn ON Immediate Drop Down of Payee: When turned ON, when you start typing in the Pay to the order field, a drop down box will appear will all of the payees you have stored in your database.

Turn ON Graphic Skin: When turned ON, the main screen will appear different. It does not change the functionality of the program, only the appearance.

Show Today's Running Total: When turned on will keep a running total of all the checks you created that day. It will appear on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Clear/Reset Screen Positional Settings: When selected will return the main screen size & location to it's default settings and the program will close.

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