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7.13. Setup the Email System

To set up the Star Bill of Lading System to send bills via email you must perform the following setup first.

From the Main screen, click on Setup, then Displayed Options/Fields.

This will display the different setup options available. Under the Display Settings tab, put a check mark in the box that states - Display Email BOL Button.

Then close this screen.

From the Main screen, click Setup, then Email System Setup. 

This will display the Email Configuration Setup screen. You need to fill in the fields displayed on the screen with your information. 

Here are the fields.

After filling out this information, this will unlock the system to allow you to send the bills via email.  The emails are sent after you click the Print button to print.  Then you can modify the System Setup Options to display the email button.

When you want to send the bill via email, just click print for the BOL, then press the Email button.  You will be prompted for the email address to send it to.  That is about all there is to it.

We have added another email option that will allow you to send the emails via a MAPI enabled email client such as Outlook Express.  To use this option, setup the email system as described above, then click on the Setup menu, then Displayed/Options Fields.  This will display the different options available in the system.  Click on the third tab - Systems Settings.  There is an option that states - Use MAPI email instead of BOL system default?  Just check this option and the program will call your default email program to send email instead of this systems default one.

Then, to email a bill, just select the bill just as you would print it, click on the Print button, a screen will display to select the print options.  There will be a Email BOL button displayed that you would click on to activate the email feature. 
If you are using the system default, then it will ask for the email address to send it to.
If you are using the MAPI email feature, it will call your email program, attach the BOL to the email and you would then enter the email address, just as you would any other emails.

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